Who we are

Who we are

Shlok charitable trust is a private Charitable Trust registered under, The Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, with Registration No. F/15342/Ahmedabad dated 07-Oct-2010. The Trust is managed by professionals who have an inner willingness to serve the human being.

Shlok charitable trust is a non-profit organization with a Board of Trustees comprising of distinguished professionals. These professionals have been committed to the goodness of an unconditional sharing … of service.

Shlok charitable trust has been committed to support the underprivileged children, who wish to study the education from its very inception. The Trustees believe that education is the true wealth of a nation and its people. Following this mission, the Trust has been involved with creating new pools of learning where none existed and bettering existing pools of knowledge.

We intend to take this message and vision of donating of education at villages, towns and cities.

Shlok charitable trust was started in 2010 by Mr. Sandeep Shah along with Smt. Sonal Shah and was supported by other trustees.

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